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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auto VIN Decoder - What Do Those Letters & Numbers Mean?

A car VIN Decoder breaks down the unique alphanumeric sequence, as the vehicle identification number, which is known a car fingerprint. Every car on the street has its own 17-digit VIN, and it is this identification number that is used to generate a Vehicle History Report to check the VIN as well known.

The VIN check taps into millions of DMV records and displays all the available history for a particular vehicle, including hidden problems, odometer,Acquisition of businesses and much more. It is an absolute must for used car buyers, as she tells you everything you need to know about the vehicle.

The Auto VIN Decoder can help you understand what these letters and numbers mean, so the first step to ensuring that a vehicle you look at the thing for you.

Let's breakdown of the vehicle identification number, starting with the first signs. (Please note the letter "I" as in indigo, the letter "O" as in orange, and the letter"Q" in the Queen's not in any VIN numbers can be found.)

We (the following VIN as an example: 2FTRX18W1XCA01212) are

The first character represents the country of manufacture, and can be a letter or a number that means a different country. The most common are as follows:

(1 = USA 2 = Canada 3 = Mexico J = Japan, K = Korea, W = Germany, Y = Finland, Sweden)

So with the car VIN Decoder in the above example, this was particularly out of the carCanada.

The second / third characters represent the manufacturers who make as promulgated. The most common are:

(A = Alfa Romeo, B = Dodge, Chrysler = C, D = Daihatsu, E = Eagle, F = Ford / Eagle, G = All vehicles from General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn)
H = Honda / Acura, J = Jeep, L = Lincoln, M = Mitsubishi, N = Nissan / Infiniti, P = Plymouth, S = Subaru, T = Toyota / Lexus, V = Volkswagen)

So with the car VIN Decoder in the above example, theCar is a Ford or an Eagle Eagle .. there is no longer manufactured, it is most likely a Ford

Other popular uses a 3-character initial sequence:

(TRU / WAU = Audi, BMW = 4US/WBA/WBS, 2HM/KMH = Hyundai, SAJ = Jaguar, SAL = Land Rover, Mazda = 1YV/JM1, WDB = Mercedes-Benz, VF3 = Peugeot, Porsche WP0 =, YK1/YS3 = Saab, Volvo YV1 =)

The fourth place is the kind of restraint.

In the example above, "R" represents hydraulic breaks with the VIN decoder.

The fifth, sixth& Seventh sign of the vehicle line, series and body. This is evidenced through various brands and models.

In the above example, characters 5, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. to X18: X18 is a Ford F-150 Super Cab Pickup 4WD

The eighth character is the engine type.

By Car VIN Decoder, W is a 4.6 liter V-8 engine provides.

The tenth character represents the year of the car. Pay special attention to this:

B = 1981 F = 1985 K = 1989 P = 1993 V = 1997 1= 2001

C = 1982 G = 1986 L = 1990 R = 1994 W = 1998 2 = 2002

D = 1983 H = 1987 M = 1991 S = 1995 X = 1999 3 = 2003

E = 1984 J = 1988 N = 1992 T = 1996 Y = 2000 4 = 2004

For the most recent model years used, 5 = 2005

In the above example, which means "X" that the car was made in 1999.

The eleventh character indicates the assembly plant.

In the above example, the C Ontario, Canada shows

Characters12-17 of the vehicle pose unique fingerprint. It is these six digits which make every single vehicle in the world differently.

So with the car VIN Decoder one last time the vehicle identification number is: 2FTRX18W1XCA01212 one 1999 Ford F-150 Pickup 4WD Super Cab manufactured in Ontario, Canada with hydraulic brakes and a 4.6-liter V-8 engine.

So you have it, the Auto VIN Decoder. If you're in the market for a used vehicle, use this decoder to ensurethat it is in fact the exact model that the seller maintains. Once you have the vehicle identification number have confirmed that is correct, you can check with your VIN and learn everything you need to know about the relevant car.

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